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Level up on how you connect with your audience. With Wootag Biz, you can segment product interactions, sign-ups, receive feedback and lots more from within your video powering your objectives and revealing/understanding what truly drives your customers.

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Empower your target customer segments with a powerful player, and interactivity. Leverage a trove of insights about your target customers!

Understand the WHY behind your sales and marketing efforts with a video platform that gives you control.

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“Wootag has really opened up more opportunities for us to engage the SME market. Our engagement rates have gone up 10% in the 1st quarter we integrated Wootag into our videos, and we're confident that performance will be onwards and upwards from here.”

Markee Dela Cruz,
Globe myBusiness

ease of video creation

Ease of video access from Google Creator Studio and Zoom along with our own Wootagged Creative Automation and many more!

Integrated with various platforms like Creator Studio, Google Drive, Zoon and more to seamlessly convert and move slides to videos and webinars.

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distribution across email marketing

Distribution across Email marketing, Site Embed, Blogs, Messengers & more in store!

Let your target customer segments engage with your videos through Wootag Biz Player and Interactivity points across your Websites, Blogs, Mailers and build landing pages to be shared on messengers, sales decks and more.

run it across players like brightcotve

Run it across other players like Brightcove

Build Interactivity and Insights within videos distributed across Brightcove! In 3 easy steps, activate Wootag through your Brightcove dashboard and add that extra power to your sales and marketing videos.

integrate your leads

Integrate your leads, surveys, NPS forms across platforms.

Connect Wootag with Salesforce, Google Sheets, HubSpots, Oracle to transition leads directly onto these platforms. Furthermore, navigate your sales pipeline based on your audiences interest within the videos.

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generate insights across your viewers

Like Website Insights you can now unlock Video Viewership Insights.

Generate Insights across how your viewers are engaging with your videos and build remarketing strategies.


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See how Wootag interactive videos are changing the way businesses use performance video to engage with their customers across industries, geographies and objectives.

Unilever / Mindshare Philippines
touch_appAudience Intent & Shoppable
“Our partnership with Wootag and Mindshare has really helped us unlock precision marketing on Programmatic – reaching moms with different cooking skill levels and providing relevant content that sought to help them prepare the best and most creative meals for their families. With precision marketing on Programmatic, the brand achieved +10% sales growth (the brand’s strongest growth in years) at the back of 3x uplift in interaction and engagement.”
Chief Digital Officer, GroupM
Promise / Xaxis Hongkong
touch_appProduct Awareness
“A simple and viewer-friendly interaction “tag” makes a big difference in driving the meaningful and actionable view! Wootag has definitely pushed video advertising to the next level.”
Michael Woo, Associate Operations & Product Director - Xaxis Hong Kong